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No repetitions

It removes the auditory pressure from the consumer, no more missing out an option or selecting a wrong option or listen to an entire audio prompt again unless you reach the desired IVR node. The visual IVR sets the consumer free from full time auditory engagement to a casual multi sensory (touch/ visual) affair.

Instant Messaging

The consumer can also opt for a chat agent who thet can interact with using there device in which vivid is installed. The chat feature will be fully multimedia integrated, where the consumer can take pictures and audio recordings from there device and send it to the advisor for reporting a problem or an issue with the service.

Reduce queue traffic

Depending upon the nature of the business, the business can reduce their traditional incoming call center traffic by a decent 30-35 %, saving money on resources and infrastructure while making the customer engagement more meaningful, short and interactive.

Demand-based engagement

The first generation audio IVRs force the information on consumers by forcing them to listen through new prompt messages,Vivid changes this relationship from 'mandatory engagement' to 'demand-based engagement'.

Visual Navigation

It will save the consumer time, rather than listening through the entire verbiage of the IVR prompts, customers can just look up the visual tree in one view and navigate to the desired node just by tapping on it.

Saves Time

60 seconds of first generation IVR versus 6 seconds of quick glance on the visual IVR to consume the information or carry out an action. Time consumption reduced at least by 10 folds.


How it Works

Vivid works by intergrating this voice platform into your smart phone/device and then dialing the service number you desier enquiering about . options will appear on your screen allowing you to select the area suitible for yourself. by doing this the reciever dealing with your enquiers will be informed before hand what your issue is, which will reduce the time to tackel your issue with excellent service.


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About us

Vivid is a next generation voice platform which is integrated in to your smart phone/device allowing you to access information more efficiently with a optical feature , replacing regular client service which is trouble free to acces with a touch screen experianceand making your enqueries much quicker to deal with and reducing que time. We also give you the privilage to view how long que times may take ,and a face to face video chat.